Two men who we're attacked by a tiger at San Francisco Zoo last year are suing the Zoo and city officials for negligence. The incident received international attention, and a third man was killed in the Siberian tiger attack. The suit will claim that the animal was not appropriately or safely kept in the park. To learn more about the rights of victims of animal attacks, please visit out website. Have you or a loved one been injured at a public park or zoo in Northern California? Then call now to get help from a lawyer for free.

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The men suing the zoo and the city are brothers. They claim the zoo and officials we're negligent because the tiger's enclosure was insufficient. The victims' lawyers allege that wall height of the animal's enclosure was too low and that the zoo knew about the safety fault. Additionally, their lawyers have stated that the victims suffered long term physical and emotional injuries. The victim's are also suing the zoo's public relations firm. The tiger mauling occurred at San Francisco Zoo on Christmas Day, 2007.

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