Dear Michael Vick: I Hate You

Monday, Mike Schaffer wrote a blog post about Michael Vick's reinstatement. Anyone that knows me knows this is a hot button issue for me, and it's sometimes best not to get me started (lol)but I of course had to comment and now I have to write my own blog post as well.

As a pit bull owner and advocate, it's pretty clear why I hate Michael Vick. He tortured and killed numerous dogs while running a dog fighting ring.

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It's people like him that destroy what I would consider to be the most beautiful, obedient, loving grouping of dog breeds: the American Pit Bull Terrier, Staffordshire Bull Terrier and Shaffordshire Terrier. It's because of trash like Vick that Breed Specific Legislation laws are being passed all over the country, making it a CRIME for law-aiding, good dog owners like myself to keep our pets.

But that's besides the point. Football players are idolized by children and adults alike. Little kids grow up looking at people like Vick and thinking "that's what I want to be when I grow up". Do you want your child to look up to a murderer?! Michael Vick being reinstated is a crock of shit.

Yeah, I get it: he served his time. (And by served his time I mean hung out in his super nice lakefront house which would be considered a relaxing vacation by most people.) HOWEVER, if I killed innocent animals, do you think Pyxl would let me come back to work after I was released from jail?! I don't think so! And I'm not in some idolized career making an ultra plush salary.

There are certain things that carry a lifetime of consequences, and maybe people need to realize that before they make certain actions (like killing dogs for instance). Just look at the intern who plagiarized a few articles from the New York Times. She's going to be haunted with that for life and will probably have a very hard time finding a career in journalism. How is it that a girl who stole a few lines will be worse off than a guy who killed innocent animals?!

It really all just makes me sick. Vick is going to be living the high life again in no timeand it's absolutely not right!

Plus, it's a psychologically accepted fact that people who abuse animals are five times more likely to hurt people too . Clearly, Vick is sick in the head! But what do we do with people like this in our society? Reward them, apparently! Ugh!

I really just think this reinstatement is not right. I highly doubt Vick has learned any lesson here, and I think his "partnership" with the Humane Society is nothing more than a PR stunt. Maybe the only lesson he might have learned is that the money goes away (for 2 years) when you're caught killing dogsother than that, I doubt he feels remorse.

And for the record, the day Michael Vick dies, I'm throwing a celebratory party. You can hold me to that.

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