Problems with product quality

Today is a slow day at the office so I decided to jump online and check out some stuff online. I was reading over a hydrolyze review when one young lady came into the office to ask me a question. They apparently had an issue on the production floor that she needed cleared up. I went to the floor immediately to find that some of the product being made is not passing quality inspections. Once I looked closer I realized it was because of a small piece of wood plastic that is not being filed off of the side.

It could be a hazard to the child that is playing with the toy in my opinion. And apparently I am not the only one, apparently our quality inspection team thought the same thing. So all I had to do was make a few little adjustments to the machinery itself and it corrected the issue. And the plastic pieces that we're rejected we're sent back to the melter. They we're melted down and reused. I made sure nothing went to waste and there was not any wasted product throughout the company.

Alot of times there is so much waste and loss of income in a company it can be hard on the budget in the long run. I try and keep down costs as much as possible. Because the company now is not making a huge profit and rather than losing anymore, I save as much as possible. Through all the saving and moving around of budget here and there I have been able to save every single job and not even consider layoffs. While other companies are laying off and closing up shop we are going full speed ahead. And that says alot about how the company is ran from the top to the bottom.

Posted in Law Post Date 05/16/2015






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