Best Small Business Tips for the Festive Season Prepare your Christmas Planner

Home-based entrepreneurs or small business owners plan and prepare your Christmas Planners now!

Best small business tips to a stress-free festive season for small business owners working from home.

Working from home business owners, mothers or fathers, small business entrepreneurs - have you planned your work-life balancing acts so you can enjoy Christmastime with family and friends?

Plan your Christmas activities now!

With Christmas six weeks away, some of you must have started planning for a stress-free festive season, a work-life balance activities of what to dos you can enjoy the holiday season and take a break from home-based work without any guilt of impending work deadlines.

Here's a handy festive season planner. They can be modified to suit your purpose. It's time to plan for a stress-free Christmas if you haven't already. What's important is: you have a plan that needs to be prepared now, if you haven't, and to be acted upon.

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Christmas Planner for Business Owners Working from Home

November 12 - Make your list now: Gift list, Christmas card list, Menus, guests/visitors list, and other important dates.

November 13 and onwards - Buy things slowly every week. (Doesn't necessarily mean, you! Tasks can be delegated.) By the time Christmas comes, you'll have everyone's gifts handy. Track down the latest gadgets, books and toys from your favourite shops or through the Internet search engines. If you're sending gifts overseas, start sending them now.

November 14-19 - It's time to think of catering, if you're hosting a Christmas lunch or dinner for business customers, colleagues and friends. Remember guests can include their families. Order your ham now and make a list of all the food and drinks you will need as the festivities approach.

November 28-December 3 - It's time to send out Christmas cards. With the advent of emails, many people have reduced the use of Christmas cards to e-cards. Still, others prefer the old-fashioned Christmas cards. Up to you.

December 5-9 - It's time to put the Christmas tree. Make your own decorations and enlist family members to help.

December 12 - Days can get busy, so for those planning to eat out, now is the time to book Christmas or a special lunch at your favourite restaurant.

December 17-20 - Give the house a thorough cleaning. If relatives are coming, make sure you have plenty of clean towels, bed linens and basic bathroom necessities. This is the time to tidy up the yard and lawn, and maintenance care, if necessary.

December 21-22 - Check last minute gifts for possible unexpected guests, make sure your camera is fully charged, and few other things you may have overlooked earlier.

December 23-24 - Look after any food preparation if necessary, like homemade desserts and meat to be marinated. Also watch out for those little things like Santa stocking in place, if you have young kids looking forward for Santa's gifts.

December 25 - Happy Christmas! Merry Christmas! Well done on your Christmas planning. Close your home office and have a wonderful Christmas with friends and family. As small business entrepreneur, it's up to you whether you want to extend your break over the entire season's holidays. You have your Christmas Planner in place, right?

All the best for the season!

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