Sydney-the commercial centre of Australia

Known as the commercial centre of Australia, Sydney is one the best places to get a job in Australia. There is a high demand in skilled occupations with a move towards knowledge based professions. This has lead to a targeted strategy by the Australian government to look for people with the relevant skill sets to fill vacancies.

TheAustralian government organises overseas events for Australian employers to meet potential employees who can fill job vacancies in Australia which cannot be filled through the local markets. Past events have been held on site in Houston, Texas, London, Dublin and Berlin.

Getting the job that you want in Sydney can be challenging in some cases, as with most places. You will likely be competing with dozens, maybe hundreds of talented job applicants and you will need to show your prospective employer the best of your abilities to get the job that you deserve.

Gateway will guide you through the job market in Sydney, from application avenues to application process, to visa applications and industry sectors.

Before arriving in Sydney

Itll help if you scope out your job sector, to see which companies exist here and what potential interest there may be. Visit the Skill Select website, this will give an idea of the demand in your chosen sector and opportunities elsewhere. Sydney is a diverse city both culturally and industrially so opportunities are rife.

Appling to Skill Select with an Expression of Interest (EOI) will allow companies and local government see you details as they actively look overseas for workers.

The Skill Select Skilled Occupation List (SOL) gives a comprehensive view of occupations in demand that require skilled workers. If your chosen profession is listed you are in a good position to gain a General Skilled Migrant Visa. In this case you may record your details to be considered for a skilled visa through an Expression of Interest, which will allow companies and local government see you details as they actively look overseas for workers . You can find the latest SOL and detailed information on the Australian governmentsDepartment of Immigration and Citizenships website.

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Although it is helpful to begin making contact with employers prior to leaving, this part can be frustrating as often you will receive little response. A lot of companies won't take you seriously until you have landed in Sydney so persistence is key at this stage.

Visas for Working in Australia

In order to work in Australia, you will need to qualify for the relevant employment documentation. Refer to our Visas & Immigration section for more information.

Booming Job Sectors in Sydney

The areas with high demand for workers are health care and social assistance, ICT, engineering, construction and education. Those with experience in any of the listed will find gaining employment a relatively speedy process. Well established and growing industries in Sydney include financial and insurance services, construction, engineering and professional, scientific and technical services.

As shown above the services industry is in high demand.These key sectors for employment in Sydney attract professionals from around the world to work and enjoy the high standard of living with natural amenities alongside the amenities that are commonly associated to a cosmopolitan city.

Applying for Jobs in Sydney and New South Wales

There are many recruitment agencies both local and international that operate in Sydney. These often cater for a broad range of professions, though some are focused on specialized occupations. Application online is the most common approach for expatriates either through an agency or directly to the employer. This may lead to an interview in the branch of the employer or agency in your home country or for an interview, or in most cases going to Sydney for an interview.

Many job seekers also travel to Australia on a work/holiday visa and find work once they arrive in Sydney.

The job application should begin by either applying online directly with your employer of choice, or by approaching a recruitment agency. The latter will normally require online submission of your latest resume and sometimes a cover letter too. Any job application should be followed up with a phone call, if you have not heard back within a week. Its a good idea to take note of when the application was made so you know when you should follow up with the recruiter.

Networking can be central to your job-finding campaign so make sure you scope out the professional associations within your sector to see if they are organising any events. This can give you an important edge when you have met the employer in person, or someone who can refer you on to the right person.

Income Tax in Australia

Please visit our Tax section for an overview of the tax structure in Australia.

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