Human Rights

Sometimes it is unclear whether a person or group has experienced discrimination, which makes it difficult to understand what you can do to appropriately respond to human rights violations.
Human rights protections provide individuals and groups with an accessible process to empower voices that may have otherwise not been heard.
There are three levels of human rights law in Canada: provincial, federal and international. It is not always clear where or how to file a human rights complaint.
The human rights process can provide substantial awards to those who suffered human rights violations. We can assist you in understanding your rights and what options are available to you.
Some common human rights issues include:

  • experiencing discrimination for simply being who you are
  • direct discrimination, such as discriminatory images, hateful comments or discriminatory comments in public or online spaces
  • subtle forms of discrimination that result in individuals or groups being excluded from places, events or activities
  • experiencing discrimination that occurs within the workplace or at school
  • experiencing discrimination when accessing public services e.g. stores, malls, or public (or semi public) spaces
  • physical access to public services e.g. washrooms, wheelchair accessibility, etc.
  • where employers, educators, or any public service refuses or fails to fulfill their duty to accommodate any special needs for children, youth or adults

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