Jon M Duncan Law Corporation consists of experienced trial and appellate counsel who have successfully resolved a variety of civil litigation disputes, class proceedings, negligence claims, personal injury and insurance-related claims in all levels of court in British Columbia.

Since 2002, our legal team has represented corporate and institutional corporations of all sizes, to deliver client-centered, flexible and cost-effective solutions. With skill and experience to provide high quality advocacy and advice, we assist our clients with complex multiparty litigation as well as many smaller disputes.

We’re committed to providing exemplary and results-oriented service in every matter our clients entrust us with.



A wide range of disagreements or disputes can arise between two businesses or between customers and businesses. In most cases, either money is owed by someone or there is an infringement of a party’s rights. When a debtor defaults on a loan or fails to make timely payments for goods or services supplied, the creditor can act to recover money owed.

We advice people and businesses, both – creditors and debtors about their rights and remedies. We assist representation of creditors in repossession and foreclosure proceedings. The firm’s clients include lenders, retailers etc.

If there is any breach of contract, partnership and shareholder disputes, or if you require representation in the area of creditors’ remedies, our lawyers are prepared to assist you.



Our lawyers have significant experience and knowledge in the area of construction litigation, which range from case disputes involving adequacy of construction such as defects, construction costs, builders’ liens or to cases where a party remains unpaid.

At Jon M Duncan, we have the experience and knowledge to provide clients with construction and builders’ lens litigation, to protect their rights, and when necessary, prosecute or defend the claims. Our clients include owners, developers, general contractors, subcontractors, and material suppliers.



Commercial litigation proceedings involve when there are any kind of contractual disputes between individuals or companies regarding the right to money from an agreement or contract.

In order to provide clients with timely and efficient advice, Duncan litigators work on various commercial issues before all levels of court, and are also well versed on matters involving domestic and international commercial contracts, negligence, intellectual property, professional liability, international trade or insurance claims. Our commercial litigation practice is broad, and we prosecute and defend both small and larger scale lawsuits and other proceedings in many areas of law including –

  • Commercial contracts and relationships
  • Sale and Purchase of assets
  • Builders’ Lien and Construction claims
  • Commercial Leases and Lease Agreements



When filing for bankruptcy, there are many governing laws in Canada that deal with insolvent persons and companies to help you resolve your debts and achieve a fresh financial start. While most of these laws are established by the federal government, and apply to all individuals and corporations in Canada, there is other bankruptcy related legislation that is governed by individual provinces, such as British Columbia.

As a federal and provincial affair, bankruptcy matters need to be filed accordingly and our lawyers help you understand the specific of different laws and forms prior to filing.

We can assist you with –

  • The legal framework required for the financial rehabilitation of you or your company.
  • How to secure a fresh financial start.
  • How to provide an orderly and fair distribution of property of a bankrupt among his or her creditors.
  • How to build up your credit rating post bankruptcy.
  • To allow for investigation on the affairs of the bankrupt or insolvent person or fraudulent transactions, if any and provide concrete resolution.

If you are involved in a business dispute and are unsure of what your rights are, or how to proceed with your litigation, contact us at 250-563-8799 to make an appointment. Our lawyers will help you achieve the resolution that works for you.

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