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Estate Planning

We assist individuals and families to plan the eventual distribution of their estate after death. We provide advice regarding your estate plan, including your Will and we draft the documents needed to achieve your intended purposes.
Our team ensures that your Will is done right so that your wishes are carried out as planned when the need arises.

We also assist individuals to plan for the handling of their estate during their lifetime. We can prepare Representation Agreements and Powers of Attorney and provide advice regarding their intended use.

Probate and Estate Administration

Once a person dies, an executor and administrator must navigate the complex process of managing and distributing your estate. A Power of Attorney (“POA”) is a legal document that authorizes an alternate individual to act on your behalf when dealing with your assets and finances.

A POA can save you and your loved one’s expense and stress, should an unexpected issue arise, and you are personally unable to deal with your assets or finances personally.

A Representation Agreement (“RA”) authorizes an alternate individual to make decisions on your behalf about your life, including medical decisions, in the event that you are unable to do so. Making decisions about a loved one’s life can be exceedingly difficult. A RA helps ease the burden on your loved ones when the time arises and ensures that your wishes are honoured when you are no longer able to express your wishes.
We assist executors and administrators in preparing and filing the necessary documents to obtain probate of an estate.
We also assist executors and administrators to fulfill their duties in law.

Estate Litigation

From time to time, disputes arise between beneficiaries in a Will. Wills or gifts may be challenged for a number of reasons.

We assist both executors and beneficiaries who are facing estate disputes including Will variations, disinherited individuals and Will contests.

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